Social housing in Sabadell
1989-1994 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Gran Via/ Carretera de Prats
Robert Brufau i Associats (structure), Miquel Fibla (aparellador)
Lluis Casals
The Torreguitart district, developed since the mid-eighties in the form of rigorously aligned red-brick blocks, was to be completed at one of its extremes, abutting on one of the major intersections of Sabadell´s road network, on which it is for the most part situated.
The proposal is based, quite logically, on the continuation of the block, but with a Z-shaped deviation which effectively frees the sunny space in front of the block, open to the surrounding “disorderly periphery”, at a distance from the traffic intersection and raised above the level of the road with the aim of affording greater comfort and visual domination of the surrounding area. Paved with tiles of the same red clay as the brickwork of the facade, this space presents itself as a “square” and gateway to the shady “park” to the rear. The square is delimited in the direction of the expressway by a lower block in pale brick, more clearly adapted in scale, which marks its termination.