Lavert Apartments
1976-1979 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Cerler Ski Station
Cerler, Benasque, Aragón.
Joan Molist
Robert Brufau i Associats (structure), Cristóbal Domingo (quantity surveyor), Alejandro Lansac (architect)
Lluis Casals
These two-storey apartments, at the foot of the Cerler ski station, are adapted to the characteristics and limits of the terrain by means of a stepped, linear layout.
The roofs of each row of garages are planted with grass and act as terraces for the upper levels, and from close to, break up the volume and integrate it visually into the surrounding landscape. From further away, however, the overall effect is unitary, similar to the precursory hydroelectric stations, spas and bridges.
The formal result is based more on the concept –linear sections superimposed with precision and brusquely cut through by the arbitrary plot divisions- than on details, a factor already considered at the design stage in view of foreseeable construction difficulties. In the same way, with respect to materials, taking into account the required use of natural stone, timber and slate, it was decided to concentrate the timber on one facade and to employ the stone and exposed concrete on the others.