4C House
1996 - 2003
c/ Quatre Camins 5-7
Francesc Xairó (quantity surveyor), Robert Brufau i Associats (structure).
Lluis Casals
Two small houses with garden built in the first thirty years of last century become single taking profit of its situation back in the plot and gardens raised over the street, which ensures sunstroke and nice views to the city and the sea.
The dual origin stays in the geometric traces and volumetric disposition and, by means of its terraced section, the outdoor spaces are directly related to the interiors in almost every room.
Natural lighting treatment is a main point in the design. As its backwards position in the plot only lets one frontal facade, a lighting strategy (zenith lighting through skylights and glass stairs, sliding doors that hide and show, and little glass ceilings) make possible extra back sources of light that improve very much the quality of the interiors allowing natural light in all rooms of the house both coming from the garden or bathing the back wall.