Rodríguez House
1980-1983 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Roda de Berà, Tarragona.
Rodríguez family
Robert Brufau i Associats (structure).
Lluis Casals
This house, with its very limited budget, is pared down to the essentials and organised within an elementary two-storey layout on the level terrain of an anodyne residential development close to the sea.
The original cube is made more complex by the addition of a freestanding metal roof. This in turn generates a porch on the upper part giving a view of the sea –impossible from the house or the garden on account of the spatial restrictions of the site- and natural shelter from the sun in summer.
A pair of identical pergolas, one on each of the longer sides of the cube, suspended from tensed cables, will in time result in the formation of two cool, shaded areas, one for the car, the other off the living room.
The house is constructed of painted exposed brickwork with a roof of white-painted fibre cement.