PR House
Ronda Ernest Lluch, 70.
Sector Les Costes
Tiana, Barcelona.
Construccions Torca S.A.
BOMA, structural engineer, Oriol Escolà, Quantity surveyor.
Lluís Casals
The starting point of the design process is to study how to bring in natural light in the whole of the perimeter of this semi detached house (with one of its facades totally blind), and thereby obtain the quality of a single family house. The way to secure this objective is to create a series of triple spaces, skylights and patios next to the dividing wall sectioning all the floors of the building. These elements create a spatial complexity and crossing views both horizontally and vertically discovering a surprising interior space inside a controlled exterior form resulting from the strict building regulations of the area.

The program is organized in one single volume, limited by the obligatory separations of the plot limit. The resulting rectangle emerges in the middle of the plot, creating an elevated garden with views to the sea and a smaller backyard garden that works as the back entrance.

The main entrance and the parking area for two vehicles is organized on the street level bringing daylight and ventilation trough a patio placed behind these spaces.

A staircase starts from the entrance space leading to the garden level. This floor contains the living area with a dining space and the kitchen. The wood cladded divisor element contains a small lavatory. The stairs continue to the second floor as a closed element forming a cantilever over the patio. This level contains two double bedrooms with a bath room suspended over the patio and supported by the dividing wall, and a master bedroom with a dressing area and a bath room of its own. The stairs continue to the third floor leading to a small studio opening to a generous terrace looking over the garden to the sea view.

The building material of the outer skin of the “Casa PR” is entirely brick in part in order to integrate the house with the built environment, as almost all the surrounding houses are made out of red brick, and in part due to the good time resistance and maintenance. We use a manual red brick (4,5 x 13,5 x 28 cm) laid as a stretcher with horizontal rabbet joints of 10mm and thinner 7mm vertical joints in order to remark the horizontal lines. This requires a careful execution respecting the size of the brick and half a brick on the totality of the exterior facades and the patio facades. This precision culminates in the patio with the brick cladded cantilevered staircase.

The exterior façade is composed by deep openings finished with galvanized steel frames. These frames also contain the folding aluminium blinds that provide shade and intimacy. On the patio facades the window sheets are already protected by the form of the patio in itself and therefore it is possible to place them on the surface in order to create a perfectly modulated and folded space.