Mollet High School
1997 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
IES Gallecs, Passeig d’en Cesc Bau, 3
Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona.
Generalitat de Catalunya.
Miquel Fibla (quantity surveyor), Brufau, Obio, Moya y Asociados (structure), J. Bolet (mechanical engineering).
Lluís Casals
The project separates the school from the neighbouring apartment blocks by placing the sport fields along a strip of land to the south-west and a playground by the entrance. Three successive L-shaped volumes form three courtyards. The building adapts to the southward-sloping topography by fragmenting into these repeated pieces, each anchored to the ground at a different level. This allows a regular and schematic layout on plan, besides variation in the volumetric composition, terraced in accordance with the slope.
The side facing the housing blocks reflects a desire to create a boundary with the surroundings: a brick wall with a series of windows arranged in diagonal lines. The entrance is located in the first courtyard, on the site’s lowest level, and surrounded by the school’s more public facilities. Classrooms open on the second court, and around the third and highest, which relates to the landscape more than the rest do, are the workshops accommodated in three half-buried sections.