Viticulture and Enology School
1985-1988 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Espiells- Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona.
Diputació de Barcelona.
Servicio de Construcciones Civiles de la Diputación de Barcelona
Brufau, Obiol, Moya y Asociados (structure), Joan Ardèvol (quantity surveyor).
Lluís Casals, Suzuki, Jaume Bach, Paisajes Españoles.
The school is situated in the vicinity of a small hill in the wine-producing region of the Penedès; it completes an old complex of agricultural constructions, a farmhouse and the adjoining wine cellars. The greater part of the new buildings are located on the north side of the estate, forming a courtyard open to the sun in the manner traditional in such agricultural spaces. An old right of way made it necessary to connect the new with the existing by means of a bridge and an underpass. Some of the old constructions have been swallowed up by the new organism, as in the case of the small farmhouse absorbed into the main hall, or the ruins on the northern edge of the site, deliberately emphasised by the opening giving access to the auditorium.
The construction employs load-bearing walls of brickwork and exposed industrially produced concrete beams. This serves to improve the view of the roofs, marked by the rhythm of the beams and, apart from a plaster rendering, perfectly apparent to the eye.