Josep Mª Jujol School
1984-1987 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
C/ Riera de Sant Miquel 41, Barcelona.
Ajuntament de Barcelona.
Dragados y Construcciones, S. A.
Robert Brufau (structure), Carles Oliver (quantity surveyor), Albert Vilanova (mechanical engineering).
Lluís Casals
In a very densely built area of the Gràcia district of Barcelona, a school was to be constructed on a site between existing buildings. The bays of the old Talleres Mañach workshops (1916) designed by the architect Josep Mª Jujol occupied the interior courtyard in the middle of the block.
In view of the lack of space in which to accommodate the required programme, the project proposed a vertical development, aligned with the Riera de Sant Miquel, occupying the whole of the available depth and thus closing off the block. The essential sports and games area was situated on the roof; the plan, with its central corridor and stairs and services at either end, readily adapted to the programme; a passageway on the ground floor –the underpass was left out of the final scheme- permits public use of the bays designed by Jujol.
Jujol´s factory building, made independent by means of the cutting away of two bays, is “propped up” on its “new” facades in order to make it permeable and painted with colours from the architects´palette, presenting itself as an objet trouvé in the centre of the courtyard.