Coac 5th Floor
1987-1988 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
COAC, Plaça Nova nº 5
Col.legi Oficial d´Arquitectes de Catalunya
Forcat, S.A.
Lluís Casals
The 5th floor of the architects college in Barcelona (COAC) was first designed as Law consulting and secretary by Antoni de Moragas i Gallissà, and got the FAD 1962 prize. These dependencies had become functionally obsolete, and we were asked for completely remodelling them.
The new distribution is organised in two sections: Firstly, the public attention area, with the reception and some offices, and secondly the private work and archive spaces.
In the reception area the older reception hall is removed, joining it to an open space characterised by the big curved desk, which hides part of the metallic structure. The offices are situated in this space, facing the facades. The archive takes a wide area facing the north facade, and is separated of the rest by a big closet, which characterises the hall and offices as well.
Wooden walls and furniture structure the whole floor. In the reception hall, a warm furnishing made with vertical oak panels shows the opposite character to the colder synthetic panels and the monochromism of the offices and archive spaces.