La Caixa Youth Centre
1985-1987 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Via Laietana 48
Fundació Caixa de Pensions
Forcat, S.A.
Robert Brufau (structure), Joan Ardèvol (quantity surveyor), Antoni Trilla (mechanical engineering)
Lluís Casals
The purpose was to create a common wire that gave sense to an interior characterised by the symbiosis of different architectures and uses, and to adapt it for a centre whose aim was promoting and teaching the new audio, video and computer technologies.
The spatial structure starts with a big hall in the corner Via Laietana- Alta de Sant Pere, from which a long corridor gave access to the different rooms ending in the opposite side of the block. These different rooms are placed according to its activities, possibilities of natural lighting and capability of refurbishing of the old structure. The corridor’s section is asymmetrical, facing a curved blue mosaic wall with ceiling embedded lighting to a Pompeii red wall with indirect lighting to the ceiling.
The entrance hall, with its wide transparent openings towards the street and video equipment is a flexible space to make it a place for meeting and information access.