Diagonal-Glòries Office Building
Av. Diagonal – Plaça de les Glòries
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Robert Brufau i associats (structure).
The area of the roundabout of Plaza de las Glorias in Barcelona needs a congruent image, being one of the main “doors” to the city. It is the place where the metropolitan traffic converts into urban. It is also the place where the new part of the Avenida de Diagonal starts and ends. All this means that one can project here with more liberty, with more focus on image, with more autonomous elements and with fewer references to the linings of the existent city structure.
Therefore we suggest to look for a unusual volumetric position, unusual for its scale, geometry etc., ... a large cube that is lifted to float over an inclined plan, which solves the problems created by the proximity of the junction. The cube stands next to the future Agbar-tower (Jean Nouvel), not as its repeated pair but as its companion like the characters of Cervantes.
This cube works trough its section, offering a neat and geometric image to the exterior and a complex, hybrid image to the interior, varying according to the levels. The facade is understood as a fixed, thick element containing possibly vegetation or changing / mobile elements, which indicate the different weather conditions, times of the year etc. This is used for gaining better energy saving with passive means.