IMPIVA Headquarters
1991 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Parque tecnológico de Valencia, parcelas 77, 78, 79.
Generalitat Valenciana
Brufau, Obiol, Moya i Associats (structure), Miquel Fibla (quantity surveyor), Ingeniería New System (mechanical engineering).
Lluis Casals
The vogue for so-called technology parks, “garden cities” of various artefacts, and the exercise of designing new headquarters for the Generalitat Valenciana´s IMPIVA (fomenting small and medium businesses) made it possible to propose a building with a considerable degree of autonomy, while at the same time exploring the capacity of the form to adapt to the climatic conditions.
The scheme proposes a circular-plan building with a central space, also circular, which seeks to embody the functions of the Mediterranean courtyard. Nevertheless, the circle is widened eccentrically on each successive floor, maintaining a single point of tangent with the floor below, similar in effect, to an inverted version of the well-known table designed by Terragni. The result is thus a dynamic form which affords improved solar protection, and which, in being raised up on “pilotis” –providing a shaded car park and adaptation to the sloping terrain- facilitates the movement of air through the central courtyard, thus serving to minimize use of the air-conditioning system.