UAB Railway Station
1984 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Universitat Autònoma de Bellaterra
Bellaterra, Barcelona
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Brufau, Obiol, Moya i Associats (structure), Joan Ardèvol (quantity surveyor).
Lluis Casals
The small railway station for the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, designed and constructed in a short space of time, had to adapt in part to an existing flight of steps and a pedestrian underpass.
The project pursues two objectives: the first, the production of an architecture with the dimensions and the presence demanded by the place and its signification in spite of the limited programme; and the second, the discovery of a formal solution for the differing demands of the facades onto the platforms and the avenue.
Thus, the building is designed on the basis of a wall running parallel to the railway lines, which articulates on one side a canopy –held in place by tensed cables- over the single platform, and on the other, a roofed opaque annexe volume with an opening in the form of a large flattened arch in the interior of which are the various minor elements of the programme, while at the same time, centred as it is on the axis of the avenue, it gives this a more definitive conclusion. Buttresses on the avenue side compensate the stretch of freestanding wall that supports the canopy on the platform side.