Sabadell Railway Station
1989-1992 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
C/ Comte Jofre
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Brufau, Obiol, Moya i Associats (structure), Miquel Fibla (quantity surveyor).
Lluis Casals
The building was designed as part of a major refurbishment scheme for which we had to research and draw up a set of general guidelines for the orientation of the new interventions in the railway network’s stock of buildings. In the case of the station in Sabadell, the building serves to resolve a point in the network at which the track emerges from a stretch of tunnel, and functions as both a gateway and a point of convergence, bringing together previously distinct ambits through the creation of a series of spaces that relate the underground level of the tunnel with the level of the neighbouring streets. At the same time, these spaces also relate the various systems of circulation –pedestrian, road and rail-, which coincide at the building.
The platforms are situated outside the building, and part of the station is semi-underground. The scheme also resolved the connection of two streets through the creation of a square and a car park necessary to the character of the place and to rail passengers. In spite of its discretion and its austerity in the use of materials, the project successfully expresses, by virtue of the slender Z-shaped canopy, all the complexity of the programme and its location.