Guardia Urbana Headquarters in Tarragona
2003 Bach arquitectes
Carrer “C” zona oest,
Tarragona. Spain
Ajuntament de Tarragona
Robert Brufau i Associats, structure, Francesc Xairó, Quantity Surveyor.
The purpose is simple: in a five floor housing neighbourhood, we try to isolate a clear shape. A two-floor cut-off rectangle generates different courts and volumes conforming a maximum quality working space: crossed ventilation, protected spaces, and controlled lighting...
The shape of the roof, recovered by a single material, becomes a sculpture from a top sight. This sculpture, far from aleatory, is defined by the compromise between bioclimatic sustainability and daily-use requirements.
The central court becomes the heart of the building, from which all circulations divide the building in two sections: the working areas facing southwest and the gymnasium and adjacent services facing northwest. Another sub-division is set from the entrance: private and public areas.