Møns Klint Geology Museum
Møns Klint Geology Museum, Møns Klint.
Møns Klint geology museum.
Robert Brufau i Associats (structure)
We propose to conserve the old hotel building for its symbolism, presence and for its character as the centre of the place, while we decide to demolish the cafeteria building. The project conserves all the masses of trees and the monumental trees placing the parking areas between the trees, integrating them to the landscape.
The new building consists of a monolithic stick, which lays over the landscape contrasting its strong horizontal direction with the verticality of the trees around it. One of its ends forms the representative entrance facing the old hotel, which is converted into administration, nature school and investigation centre.
This prism contains the entrance hall in different levels communicating the shop and cafeteria in first floor with the exhibition and the functions of the old hotel. The hall, the cafeteria and the shop are in direct contact wit the nature as they lean directly on the terrain and have large openings to both sides of the building.
The exhibition space is concentrated under the main volume, solving all the needs of the exhibition and allowing at the same time a total flexibility as it is possible to have the entire floor open and free if necessary.