Igualada Hospital
Av. del Mestre Joan Montaner / c. de Guimaraes
Fundació Sanitària d´Igualada
CASA consultors i arquitectes, S.L.
The new Anoia Hospital joints the park complex parallel to the main road with the new urban development areas. The slight slope and four streets accessibility characterise implantation plan and make possible the different (emergency, main, services,...) entrances to the Hospital.
A circulation well-zoned basement contains main services. The middle-height hospitalisation block enjoy the views over Montserrat hills and takes profit of the East-West sunstroke as well as the main road noise insulation.
A protection green area separates the building from the old road traffic, giving access to the park and covering a 250 car parking and a inner access street for ambulances.
The new building will be the image reference for the new urban development area.