Salerno Maritime Terminal
Salerno Harbour
Comune di Salerno
Robert Brufau i Associats (structure).
A maritime terminal is an exchanging facility like an airport or a railway station. An intentionally asymmetrical cut divides the building in three longitudinal parts.
-A first part has a close contact with the street, with public facilities
-A second part of the hall is for traveller’s use
-A third part of scalators, included in the second
The first part is divided in the middle and establishes two different ways to enter the station: The access from the city, through the urban facade and the access from the seaside, through the opposite one. This cut divides the hall in two areas, smaller the seaside one, which is the access to the toll area, with commercial and leisure facilities, and the longer to the urban side, which would be the main hall.
This organisation allows different types of ships and traffic, as well for separate exit-arrival traffic as for simultaneous operations.