Urban Solid Waste Incineration Plant
1988-1990 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Polígon Industrial Riuclar, parcel.la 300
Mancomunitat de Municipis
Dumez- Copisa
Brufau, Obiol, Moya y Asociados (structure), Recuperación de Energía, S.A.(mechanical engineering)
Lluis Casals
An urban solid waste incineration plant is basically a pit or container with an unloading area, a bridge crane which carries the rubbish to the ovens, and a series of elements which permit the extraction of energy from the process in the form of hot water and electricity. There is thus a distinction between the “mechanical” part of the process and the “technical” operation of “transformation” which employs manufactured elements –pipes, conduits, generators, and filters- designed by the engineers as a total system. In consequence, the former was approached in terms of architecture of great cubic boxes, while for the latter the project merely consisted of ordering and externalising the expressive potential.
The materials used to give texture to the various different cubic volumes are essentially in situ concrete, industrially manufactured concrete slabs, and galvanised iron sheeting disposed horizontally; the interior is of exposed concrete blocks.