Corachán Hospital extension
1986-1990 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
C/ Buïgas 19
Cubiertas Y Tejados, S.A.
Brufau, Obiol, Moya y Asociados (structure), Joan Ardèvol (quantity surveyor), Joan Briz, Joan Lluís Fumadó (mechanical engineering), Joan Hernández Pijoan (color studies)
Lluís Casals
The extension to the Clínica Corachán was approached in terms of the need to endow the heterogeneous existing complex with typological expression. To this and a new urban design plan was drawn up, adapting the surrounding area to hospital use and permitting an extension with a volumetry similar to that employed in the rest of the Plaça Gironella. The new extension has its main facade on the Plaça, and the complex as a whole its new and emblematic entrance.
The addition is a block with a U-shaped central corridor, which continues the existing corridors on each floor, structuring these in a comb formation around two courtyards. The curving stretch which effectively marks its termination, while the curvature inflects the facade in towards the centre of gravity of the complex. This demonstrates that it belongs to the whole, given that it is produced with complete stylistic autonomy, although subject in its typology to the overall significance postulated by the scheme in its entirety.