Reina Sofía Arts Centrer Auditorium
1986 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
Paseo de Atocha
Ministerio de Cultura
Dragados Y Construcciones, S.A.
Gerardo García-Ventosa (architect)
Javier Azurmendi
The ground floor of one wing of the old Hospital General in Madrid was converted into a hall for functions and audio-visual presentations, as part of the programme for the fitting out of the hospital as the Reina Sofía Arts Centre in Madrid.
The space is composed of two elements linked by a Serlian screen, with a vaulted roof resting on side walls perforated by large, frequently spaced opening. The conditions of this room were not favourable to the realisation of the complex programme, especially with regard to acoustics. Since it was also considered important to maintain its identity, two basic decisions were taken. The first was to concentrate all of the technical elements in large cabinets in order to leave free the neo-classical fabric. The second, to leave the square entrance space intact, as an ambulatory, in order to improve access and facilitate its otherwise problematic incorporation into the whole.