Portillo Area in Zaragoza
Portillo area
Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
Robert Brufau i Associats (structure), Manuel Herce, EGI (engineers).
The aim of the urban proposal for the old railway use free area of El Portillo in Zaragoza is to join the different urban textures generated by the railway void. This area, quite near to the administrative and politic centre of the city, is a unique opportunity to create a supra-urban metropolitan scale space.
The main points in the proposal are: 1- Redirection the ringroad and including Palacio de la Aljaferia in the central area. 2- Creation a new central street with diversity of uses (commercial, housing, park, offices...) 3- A complex characteristic transversal section, integrating railway infrastructure and compatible uses. 4- Removing the traffic from the existing highway accesses will allow the design of a series of cultural equipments (Culture Hall, Congresses Centre, Contemporary Art Museum) facing a new promenade, and 5- As a recall of the big railway void, a central park connects commercial and leisure areas of central street first floors with the congress and commercial centres.