Bospolderplein, Rotterdam
1988 Jaume Bach with Gabriel Mora
City of Rotterdam
Robert Brufau i Associats (structure).
The proposal, the winning scheme in the limited competition, articulates the square into two sub-spaces divided by the continuation of the rectilinear alignment of Rosier Fraassenstraat, as a means of bestowing significance on the new and incomprehensible curve of the chamfered corner. The larger of the two spaces is raised to obtain a tenser surface, an unusual feature in this predominantly flat country, thus creating a counterpoint between plane and curve which gives the space greater visual interest, both in the raising of the centre and its cutting across in being divided. The possibility of voiding what has been filled offers a precise siting and an ambiguous use to an excessively prolix and one-dimensional “functionalist” programme. In this way different spaces are marked out and given very distinct values by means of the design and the lighting.