Bòbiles Social Housing
Carrer 7, Sector Les Bòbiles, Gavà.
Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, S.A.
Jordi Ridameya (architect), Robert Brufau i Associats (structure), Angel Anton, Joan Gurri (quantity surveyors), Briz i Fumadó (mechanical engineers)
Jordi Bernadó
In a new urban area in Gavà (Barcelona), these three blocks embrace a big part of a Rambla that descends slowly towards a new urban park.
The two blocks at the North side are organised in the same way, with two stairs giving access to three flats each (the extreme ones along the block and the central transversely).
As the third block had less constructable volume it was possible to design it as two separated masses joined by a light stairway, in the same length than the former ones. This singularity remarked the unexpected freedom allowed by the planning and gives a sense of variation in the south urban row, whose next block had to be designed by another architect.
These considerations are remarked by wall treatments. Two different colour bricks make the distinction of plinth and walls in the north blocks, while in the south make the distinction between the two “solid” halves. The light elements, as the stairway bridge that join them or the balconies, are covered with light resin panels.